Huwaizah Marsh

Huwaizah Marshes located in Missan province to the east of the Tigris River, the east and south cross-border region with Iran, and is bordered to the south and southwest the administrative border of the Basrah province. Huwaizah Marshes represent the northeast corner of the environmental region with total area of 90,691 hectares of marshes of fresh water in the first place. Huwaizah Marshes consider the first Iraqi Ramsar site which announced in 2007.

This component is an unique fresh water system and refuge key to many of the main types birds of African and an Indian descent in the Middle East region.
Moreover, characterized by an unique biodiversity of its kind as one of the largest sites for the multiplication of many types of adult birds (165) species. Respect of mammals, component types gerbils endemic in Mesopotamia (Gerbillus mesopotamiae) which is on the verge of resettlement, dog water Maxwell threatened (Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli), Eurasian utter (lutra lutra), which was common throughout history, however, are classified today on the red list closest to the threat of the IUCN and there are approximately 17 species of fish, some f them are classified as an endangered species at the regional level.

السياحة البيئية

  • الغروب في الاهوار

  • السيد الوكيل الفني مع السيد اريك سولهام نائب الامين العام للامم المتحدة

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